About me


Born in the suburbs of the city of Antwerp, Liselotte Van Dooren grew up as a youngster who was mainly interested by her books and… music.

From the age of seven she was a student at the Music Academy of the city of Lokeren. There she set her first steps in learning music theory and playing the piano and violin.

At the age of fifteen she moved on to the School of Arts in Antwerp. A couple of years later she mastered in Music Theory at the Royal Conservatory.

As a seventeen year old she joined up with the classical choir ‘de Kempische Oratorium Vereniging’, led by Werner Van Mechelen. This was a very interesting experience.

Seven years later Liselotte made the switch from classical music to the ‘light genre’. Singing at marriage ceremonies, parties, receptions and so on… became her new passion.

It was a small step to become a lead singer in multiple coverbands. Rock, pop and country-music were her daily life for 25 years, concerting in Belgium and the Netherlands.
With this experience she got closer and closer to finding out what her own voice would have to sound like, and what kind of music was ‘her’ music.

Several singers and bands inspired her and helped her find her way. The Corrs, Linda Ronstadt, Sheryl Crow, The Dixie Chicks, Alison Krauss and the Dutch country-singer Ilse Delange were her main influencers.

Liselotte is a Belgian country singer with original songs and a unique voice. Songs about simplicity and purity, nature and beauty, the basics and soul of country music straight from the heart that evokes endearment, sentiment and cosiness so everyone is able to dream away.

Liselotte wants to convey the feeling of real Tennessee country music with her ‘unique sound’. You can expect some heartwarming music that evokes emotions and will take you on a musical journey.

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